Kinky, Fetish & Fashion Concepts

Have no idea what to wear? Don’t know what others will be wearing? Do you just need a few ideas? We are looking to have the party goers wear different varieties of bondage and fetish gear, gothic/vampire dress elements, ultra-formal, erotica or arousal-wear.

Best Male fetish clothing vendor – Off Chute Too

Best Female fetish clothing vendor – Hustler Hollywood Phoenix

Why don’t we break it down for you:

  • Leather, corsets, velvet, lace, silk, satin, fishnet, etc. You get the idea. We want you to be outrageous, unique, exploring, expansive, pushing your boundaries and finding new boundaries to explore.
  • PVC, latex, liquid latex, rubber, metal, handcuffs, chokers, leash, bracers, straps, crops, whips, spikes, fangs, etc. Come on, we know you keep that stuff in the dresser next to your bed. We’re just asking that you wear/bring it, not use it (unless you want to).
  • Ultra Formal: Including vintage tuxedos, tuxedos with tails, leather tux’s or suits, military suits in leather, latex or canvas, kinky prom or wedding dresses
  • Erotica/Arousal: Short mini’s, ultra short mini’s, short shorts, high heels, garter belt and stockings, mini bikini’s, see through apparel, lingerie, silk/satin boxers, anything you “can’t” wear to work basically.
  • Colour Me Kinky: It’s all about ‘Dress to Express’ – LEDs, glow pain, colours, glitter, club clothes….dress less to express. We don’t want the $500 leather outfits…we want you to show off!

So of course the next question is: “But I don’t have anything like that and I reeeeaalllyyy want to gooooo”

If you would wear it to a club, dance party, sex party or strip club than you can and should wear it to this event! Check out these examples for ideas. Be as creative as you want!

What is the fetish dress code?

You have to dress the part to get in.

Different events require different levels of dressing up or down. For example Phoenix Fetish Formal is about wearing the highest quality, most elegant, fetish formal attire. While Colour Me Kinky is about ‘Wear Less To Express!’ so it’s more about lingerie, club outfits, glitter, colour bombs etc. Just put a little effort in and it won’t be a problem. We aren’t going to shun you at the door if you make an effort and we don’t expect everyone to look the same (that would be so boring).

This generally means dressing erotic, sexy, slutty, sleezy, provocative or just outrageous

    There are so many options you can create if you just think outside the box a bit. You may even have some of these items already and don’t even consider alternative uses. Chains are sexy on men! Home depot has a range of stuff you can wear if you just use a bit of imagination and a tad of excitement!

Why a dress code? Why not just let everybody in?

This event is different as it catered to the hard style fetish fashion culture where everyone is dressed up and everyone looks amazing. The mediocrities of the outside world are left at the door along with the shorts, slacks, baseball hats and ‘minimum black’ that invades most alt-culture events.

An enforced dresscode guarantees that you are standing next to a person that has put the same effort into their outfit and evening as you have.

What if I don’t own those clothes?

Many stores online and in Phoenix sell everything you could ever need. If you don’t have a lot of money, there are still options. A decent thrift store will probably have some outfits that work, or better yet, if you have a friend that owns some funky clothes, just borrow an outfit from them. Go to their place and dig through their wardrobe.

What is the bare minimum I need to do to meet the dresscode requirements?

If you are considering a bare minimum, you are missing the point of our party – To Be Unique, Engaging, Outrageous, Exciting & Provocative! If you are already at the ‘basic black’ stage then you need to raise that profile. We aren’t asking you for a whole new wardrobe, just 1 night of doing something different.

This isn’t about spending $500 or it could be depending on who is attending! You will feel better once inside the event when you see everyone has put the same effort into their participation as you have.

What sort of things are not allowed?

This is as absolutely loose as we can make it.

NO hockey jerseys, sports jerseys, oversize pants hanging from your ass, backward hats OR looking like you should be at a football game, office party, kids birthday party or lame ass holiday party clothes.

If you’re next thought is something like ‘well fuck you man, I can wear whatever I want and you have to let me in’…………wrong. We don’t, we won’t and while this will be a harsh lesson for you it will make all the other people super happy that we have a baseline standard for our event. We really aren’t asking all that much to make things great for everyone.

There are so many ways you can spice up an outfit and we expect you will think of ways if you want to attend. You can always contact us for ideas too . However putting a little effort into this will go a long way to making the right impressions in the event. We will let you in with just the black or black look…But you will have a better time if you try for just the next step up in some way.

What if I don’t want to dress up?

You won’t get in. Even if you purchased a ticket in advance, you still have to dress the part to get in the door. This may seem kind of rude but if we let you in wearing that backwards baseball cap then we have to let in the other guy that wore the over sized hockey jersey too. Perhaps there is a better party you and he can attend together. We keep our parties tight purposefully and our guests appreciate this attitude.

Can’t I just slide them $100 at the door and just get in without having to dress up?

We absolutely will take your money though you still won’t be allowed in! The people around you will make you feel like an ass too.

Get dressed up and have fun with it. Our dresscode wasn’t developed to frustrate you – it is intended to inspire you to be as creative as possible! This is the time to dress to express.

Where Is Unexpected Art Gallery?

Will There Be Security At The Event?

The venue has on-site safety monitors provided by the venue. These people are under the auspices of the venue but work in conjunction with our event managers. They provide the highest level of safety and professionalism at our events. You can be sure they will be watchful through the evening. Each safety monitor has a specific area to cover and will be visible by the special “safety badges” they are wearing. Never hesitate to ask for help or report something unusual to them. They will be on site for the entire event.

My Receipt Says You Are Going To Mail My Ticket? How Do I Get My Ticket?

If you have purchased online tickets than your name will be available on the ticket list at the start of the event. We do not physically mail any tickets though your email will have an E-ticket print outs. Your name is on a list which is matched against the email address you used for any people trying to use your name without your consent. We do require ID checks for all tickets. Always try to bring a printed receipt or your printed ticket OR the email with the ticket on your phone with you in case there are any issues at the door.

What Is Your Refund Policy For Tickets

The following caveats apply for refunds:

  • If tickets have sold out (either VIP or General), only 50% of your money will be refunded because we then need to replace your tickets in some way.
  • If you are cancelling 31 days before an event or more, and tickets have not sold out (either VIP or General), you will be refunded 100% minus the credit card processing fee. ie: 1 ticket = $30, processing fee is $2, your refund is $28
  • If you are cancelling 30 days before an event or less, and tickets have not sold out (either VIP or General), you will be refunded 50% minus the credit card processing fee. ie: If a ticket is $30, processing fee is $2 you will be refunded $13

We can also take your ‘canceled’ ticket and forward it to our next event if the ticket price is similar.

Unused tickets will not be refunded under any circumstance once the event has started.

You may also transfer your tickets to another person and simply contact us with that name change. While we particularly loathe “scalping” what you charge for those tickets is entirely up to you. Once you submit a name change for those tickets you cannot go back to the original name for any reason on that event. All online presale tickets are done internally so we keep track of these things very well.

What Is The Difference Between General Tickets & VIP Tickets?

There may be a special VIP area or VIP portion of the event depending on venue.

For some venues, VIP may also mean bottle service if that is available which puts you and your party up on the high rise platforms above the event. Additionally you will have bottle service through the night and a private waitress. On the event page it will specify what VIP refers to and what you get for it.

General tickets get you every part of the event except whatever the VIP is for that specific event.

VIP is always clearly defined on the event page and if you have questions you may also contact us directly for clarification.

What Is The Camera/Photo Policy? Do You Need Event Photographers?

We have a strict no camera policy. There is an event photographer who is in charge of all the photography for the night and a FREE photo booth for everyone to use. Violations of this policy will result in being denied attendance to future events. This includes cell phones.

You don’t need to bring a camera since your ticket price includes ALL the event photos!

When will the ticket & will call windows be open?

The will call windows open at the start of the event. Double check the start time of the event as it varies. Sometimes 8pm or 9pm depending on location. Not all events have tickets available at the door. Confirm on the event page whether door sales are available or start at a specific time.

What’s the policy on drugs, alcohol or having personal items?

No external alcohol may be brought into the event. ID must be shown at the event door. Depending on the venue it may be 18+ or 21+, always check the location on the event page which lists this info. You must show your ID to receive a 21+ bracelet or will not be served at the bar. Consumption or distribution of drugs/narcotics will not be tolerated. Anyone caught using or distributing narcotics will be escorted out from the event and not permitted to any future events EVER. Individuals who are obviously intoxicated or “altered” will not be allowed to enter the event. Energy drinks, water and other yummi’s will also be available for purchase at the event.

The following are not acceptable: external beverages, alcohol, drugs, weapons (guns, knives, tasers, pepper spray, etc). Backpacks or purses may be searched upon entry based on security needs. The venue reserves the right to ask you to remove certain parts of your outfit they may could cause damage to other guests. They may also ask you to conform to the dress code by covering up your genitalia or breasts. Sending us angry email’s after the event will not alter the Liquor Board minimum dress code so please cover your genitals, nipples and other bit & pieces.