Location: Unexpected Art Gallery – 21+ ONLY – March 4, 2017

Due to the exclusivity of this venue/event, door sales will be unavailable

Ticket Includes All Event Photos, Full Formal & BDSM Party + Interactive Performances, Free Parking & Foodie Treats.

Full Coat & Bag Check Available!

Welcome to the Phoenix Fetish Formal Masquerade where everyone is unique. Masks or face coverings are required for entrance and will be on sale outside the venue if you need.

For many years the Phoenix fetish community has screamed for a dresscode enforced, exclusive, high fetish formal event. In 2016 we created this environment but the venue wasn’t all that we wanted.  Now we are coming together with the Unexpected Art Gallery who has all the accoutrements we need to create a  truly spectacular, refined and elegant event matched with fantastic visuals and outstanding atmosphere.  Fetish, Formal or Ultra Dresscode Mandatory

With only 300 total tickets available we are 100% committed to the kind of dress code mandatory event you have been asking for. Combined with our BDSM participation & audience interaction we know this event will be amazing!

  • $30 tickets – VIP is Sold Out
  • $20 tickets – The full formal party begins at 9pm and includes the full event, performances and event photos. If you want to arrive a little later this is a good option. You also still get foodie treats served by our erotic pets and nothing is held back. You don’t get the extra hour but for some people that isn’t important as showing up when they want. The only thing you aren’t getting with this option is the extra hour of stuff.

There will be an abundance of sexy throughout the venue with always something to watch or participate in. This is a play-audio-vendor-visual participatory sexy fun time experience. Anyone that has attended our events knows this is only a small sample of what is actually going to be scheduled!.

Check out our performers & artists page to get a better idea of our evolving entertainment that is keeping the party thumping all night long.

  • Rope Riggers bondage suspension from the trusses
  • Spanking Benches & bondage to get involved!
  • Foodie Treats for all provided by our erotic pets!
  • Erotic / Topless Fire Dancers
  • Goddess Worship by Den of Indomidus
  • Fetish BDSM Art Vendors
  • Candle Wax & Latex Paint Area
  • Featured Aerial Silks & Bondage Suspension
  • Male Strippers

Unlike previous events that had a ‘dress code penalty’ this event does not. It is absolutely 100% Fetish, Formal or Ultra enforced. 

Please visit the FAQ to get clothing ideas. Fetish dress code can be formal, rubber, leather, gothic, slutty, sleazy, erotic, clubby…just use your imagination and dress to express!

Once we hit our max tickets, the ticketing system will auto shut off.